Gautamiputra Satakarni 2017 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online

Movie Name Gautamiputra Satakarni
Star(s) Nandamuri Balakrishna, Shriya Saran, Hema Malini
Categories Hindi Dubbed
Language(s) Hindi Dubbed IMDBGautamiputra Satakarni

Gautamiputra Satakarni Film Review :

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Gautamiputra Satakarni Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online Free Download (2017).

Gautamiputra Satakarni (Nandamuri Balakrishna) is 2nd century AD Satavahana ruler of Amaravati who has a dream from his childhood that to unite all the 32 kingdoms in the country under one roof, to stop internal collisions between the rulers to establish peace. He takes oath on his mother Gautami Balashri (Hema Malini) and starts his mission at the age of 18 and he gives only two options to the kings on his way either peace by surrendering their sword to him or war. It takes 18 long years to achieve his goal and takes entire South India under his control. Time being Satakarni marries Vashishthi Devi (Shriya Saran) and they have a son Pulumavi (Master Snehit Chowdary).

Nahapana (Kabir Bedi) important ruler of the Western Kshatrapas, who is very powerful & crooked king, who forcibly puts all the princes of his feudatory kingdoms as royal prisoners and keeps a condition that they all should obey his orders and protect his kingdom from 4 sides. So it is a very difficult and final task to Satakarni to reach Nahapana for that he uses a strategy and decides to take his son Pulumavi along with him to the war field but his wife Vashishthi does not agree to it even then he ruthlessly takes his son. On the other hand Demetrius (David Manucharov) the Greek Emperor is waiting at the border to conquer India, he is just waiting for the result of the battle between Satakarni & Nahapana. Meanwhile, Satakarni starts moving towards Nahapana’s dynasty along with his son and promises all the feudatory kings on the way that he will safeguard & secure their children and definitely brings them back. Finally, he reaches Nahapana’s fort destroys him, protects the princes and brings the entire country under one flag.

After that Satakarni returns to Amaravathi along with 32 swords of the entire rulers of India, his mother Gautami Balashri orders to make a powerful sword by melting all these 32 swords. Everybody welcomes him with great enlightenment & joy, but his wife Vashishthi is fed-up his dictatorial mentality and decides to leave him along with the children. But now he has to perform Rajasuya Yaaga, a grand ritual made by the ruler who defeated all other kings in the earth and eligible to rule the whole world, which is impossible without a wife. So, on her mother-in-law’s request, Vashishthi agrees to stay until the completion of ritual. During the time of ritual the Emperor has to give Agra Pooja special honor to the top most person in the kingdom, Satakarni gives it to his mother by spreading the greatness of women and from that day he keeps his name Gautamiputra Satakarni and he also name’s his son as Vasishthiputra Pulumavi where his wife Vasishthi also realizes her mistake and understands greatness of her husband. From that day Satakarni starts a new era calling Salivahana Sakha and the day starting as Ugadi. On that night Kanjira (Milind Gunaji) one of the feudatory kings mixes hands with Demetrius and helps his men to enter into the fort to kill Satakarni but his mother protects him by breaking up their tactics.

Now Satakarni comes to know that Demetrius has arrived into to the borders of Sindhu Kingdom to conquer India whose army is 10 times more than his. Even then he decides to get ready for the final battle at that time his wife Vashishthi gets some bad signs that someone has given poison to her husband. So she requests him not to go to the battle where Satakarni explains her regarding his childhood dream of uniting the entire country which he had done so, now he has to protect it from invaders by exorcising them. So he doesn’t have any other choice except to go to the battle. Gauthami Balasri consults a Bhikkhu explains him regarding these bad signs and he answers that may come true, so he gives anti-dote to the poison.

At last Satakarni reaches the Sindhu Kingdom along with his feudatory kings, during the first day of the war Satakrani destroys almost half of Greek army. Now Demetrius understands it is difficult to conquer India until Satakarni is alive. So plays a dirty trick by sending a women Athena (Farah Karimaee) as a messenger for peace who gives poison to Satakrani. Next day morning Satakarni is under treatment all other Kings are under dichotomy whether to go to war or go back, but they understands the real aim of Satakarni is not only to win the country but he also want to develop unity among the kingdoms, so they all decides either to win or die in the battle. Meanwhile, Satakarni wakes up from the deathbed, reaches the battlefield, defeats Demetrius and leaves him alive by finally saying a word that no one can destroy the unity of India

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